Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Long time away

I have been a long time away from this blog. I have found it so much more fun living vicariously through many others and their amazing blogs! But I have decided that I want to at least make a stab at this again. Last time I wrote I said that we had made the decision to let our house on Daufuskie go. I have to admit that in fact a head decision was made at that time, but I am still struggling with the heart decision. Over and over I hear the Lord, through my bible study passages, (Matt. 19:16) through songs at church, through music on the radio and through the Word. He says "let it go" over and over, and over and over I do. It's just that I take it back over and over as well!
While this last 8 months has been a struggle, with moving here to Atlanta living in Karl's house, then having to find a new apt. within 10 days; my job has been long, hard, and a constant need for prayer; Leo's health trying to be stabilized. But still, God has shown Himself strong through it all! And then some.
There are promises for those who give up things for "the Lord's sake" and it truly wasn't for my own sake, so I guess we must just wait to see the glory!
Little by little God reveals more and more of His plan to us and I just need to relax and hang on as tight as I can to Him!
More later...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Day

February 12, 2008 by daufuskiedreaming
It seems somehow ironic that I would title this blog, Daufuskiedreaming at this particular time in my journey. This last weekend I have had to make the decision to let our house go…a very painful decision it is! Over the years that we have been married we have lived in about 30 or so places so you have to figure we haven’t spent many years in one place…or a very short time in many places! I guess that would work too. Anyway, we have spent the most years on Daufuskie…little people have spent all their known years there since it has been almost 12 years now. Whew, hard to believe! Especially since I barely walked on the beach at all…spent most of my time going back and forth to work on Hilton Head. Always thought if I just could hold out long enough I would finally have a chance to relax and enjoy. But apparently that is not the plan the Lord has for me and our little Daufuskie cottage. As you can probably tell, this is a tough one for me. But everything has to have an end and I guess this is going to be the one for this part of the journey. I can still dream though…and I will! And I will hopefully continue to fill this site with journeys along the way. More later.