Thursday, January 22, 2009

Working on the future

Too much time has passed since I have written anything. It has been a tough few months so I have spent too much time working on the future I have not had time to put things on paper. Funny thing is that I really should be writing it all down...makes it easier to see it all on paper!
Just before Christmas I was "downsized" from my job. Really pulled me up short! Now I am out in the world, with many hundreds of thousands of other folks, looking for something to sink my teeth into. This time I really want to make sure it is something that has been directed by the Lord, not just a job. But I find it is not easy to make sure it is the right thing for all the right reasons.
In the midst of all this soul searching, or perhaps part of it, I found that my son was way behind in his schooling (product of spending too much time working for someone else and not my family!). We have spent the last 6 weeks, 15 hours a day, writing essays, taking tests and getting caught up. He finished up his very last post at 12:08 this morning, just as his semester logged off! Whew!
Now I am on to the next job of finding a job...or a true direction for the future. Besides "dreaming of daufuskie" I dream of something that will be good for my family, good for others, and give me enough $'s for both!!
Along the way I am reading everything I can get my hands on about the internet, blogging, writing, sharing, creating, learning and growing.
Anything anyone has to share, please send it my way!
Blesssings for everyone on the path...

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