Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fickle Pickle "I am a Stalker, How about You?" Blogging Party

I must thank Heather, Stephanie and all her helpers for arranging this wonderful event. This event made me realize the significance of blogging more than ever before. We as a people are starving for connections. No matter how close we live to others in our house/condo/apartments we don't know them. Everyone is working so hard to keep life moving, we don't have the time to get to know each other at home or at work. While we can't normally visit with our neighbors at 12 AM we can go online and write about ourselves and to each other. Then we can read and write about each other at any time, night or day. So when 40 people came together tonight they jumped right in, because they already knew so much about each other. They already had a "connection"! Wow. There is a lot of power in this blogging world! I also talked to a couple of mom's who asked questions about babies, birth and parenting. Thes are some of the reasons why I started the "A Child Is Born" community. Please join us and share with others on that site.
Can't wait to learn more and more about all of you!

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