Sunday, November 2, 2008

Moving on

We have had a wonderful blessed weekend. I had my hair done yesterday at a new training school. It turned out very well but it took 5 hours which was too many hours for a short weekend! At least we gained an hour with the change from Daylight Savings Time. But I do hate that it now gets dark so early. We spent the rest of a beautiful Saturday just hanging out (Ben, Leo and I)

Church was wonderful this morning. Andy Stanley spoke on How to be Rich and challenged us to give to others with no thought of credit or reward from those we give to. The credit and rewards will come from the Lord. And when we do give that way, we show that we are truly children of the living God.

Marshall spent the weekend on Daufuskie and was able to fix the Bronco at least well enough to drive it off the property. Timely since the property will probably belong to someone else tomorrow. I spoke to Marshall this evening and he commented that he really was over Daufuskie. He realized this time that nothing ever changes there and that no one has any ambition. Since I was just feeling guilty that I couldn't figure out a way to keep the house, it really was timely! It's not about me being able to do anything anyway...if the Lord doesn't do it, it shouldn't be done.

I am working on some new ideas for a blog...time so stop Daufuskie dreaming I believe.
More later...

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CR Jones said...

I have been following your blog as of recently. Where is your cottage located on Daufuskie? Why do you feel as if you are "losing" it today?