Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Challenges of the day

As I was posting the daily devotional I just saw a tweet pop up from a pastor in Tennessee.  It was so great!  He said: "My head is hurting. Why is church so complicated? Why can't we just sit around the fire and sing "Kum by ya"? :)" (pwilson)  Wow, so simple, yet so profound!
Today I pray that I am part of the solution, not the problem!
I also ask for prayer for a friend whose husband is starting chemo again this week.  Also, for her daughter & son-in-law as Matt is about to leave for Iraq.  As a reserve member and a highway patrolman, he did not expect to be called.  He has two children as well.  Makes me realize my blessings and so appreciate those who serve for us...not just the one overseas but the family behind them.
More later.

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