Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wonderful Sunday

Just returned from the first day's service by the Passion City Church at the Tabernacle.  We actually attended the second service since the 7 pm service had so many RSVP's they added an additional service at 4:45.  Along with hundreds of others, we arrived early (around 6:00) and stood outside in the cold until about 6:50 when the first service finally released.  The line was about 4 blocks long.  Cars driving by kept stopping and asking what was going on that so many people were waiting in line.  They were told it was the Passion Church meeting for Jesus.  Already a witness!
It was an amazing service with Chris Tomlin and band along with the Knockles leading a wonderful music ministry.  It was wonderful to see so many people raising their arms and singing out loud for the Lord.  Very energizing!
Louie Giglio's word was as usual very inspiring.  
Looks like a good beginning.
Buckhead service was amazing as well!! Jeff Henderson's message was a blessing and the baptisms at the service were special.
Lunch with TJ, Jeremiah, Erin and Ben was very special as well.
All around just a great, blessed day.
More later.

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