Sunday, February 8, 2009

Today & Today's Quotes

Today, actually this whole weekend was so beautiful!  It was gorgeous out and also just a sweet weekend.  We took a drive yesterdya and again today.  We saw two different areas of north GA and it was such a blessing to see for miles across the mountains.  Always makes me feel like I am flying.

We also heard the last of the 6 messages from the Balanced series that Andy Stanley has been giving.  If you have a chance go download and listen.  They are as "balanced" as I have ever heard on the biblical and share plain rational directions on how to handle the money we are given.  When I pulled up my fear quote for today (that was written a year ago) I was so blessed to see that the message the Lord gave me then, matches up the the 6 messages we have been hearing...always a confirmation that we are on the same wave length.  Need to know I am hearing at least some of the time.  Especially when things seem so dry!

Hope today's message is a blessing to all.

More later.

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